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Our Race car builds

Some  examples of cars we have built past and present showcasing the high standards we work to.

Honda Civic Ek4 Build

Back in 2015, we started our racing journey with a B16A2 engine. In 2016, we upgraded to a B16B. We had a great time racing in the championship, winning many races, securing pole positions, and setting the fastest laps. Unfortunately, we missed one race at Brands Hatch, which cost us the championship by just three points. But, let me tell you, driving this car was an absolute blast. It revved up to 9,000 RPM, weighed just over 1,010 kilograms, and had 190 horsepower as per the rules of the Civic Cup at that time.

Honda Civic EP3 Hire Car (Civic Cup Spec)

This car originally came from another team, but after a big crash, we rebuilt it from the ground up to match our specifications. We added a T45 cage, did some serious welding, and gave it an acid dip. It's now powered by a Bourne HPP cup-spec engine and features our custom-built gearbox. We've made sure it has all the necessary parts to meet Civic Cup standards. Today, it's the go-to hire car for the BSR team and is being driven by the skilled Scottish racer, Dan MacDonald.

Current Builds ongoing

We currently have the original Civic EK in for a huge rebuild pics to follow and a Honda Civic Eg k swap race build in progress again more pictures to follow.

Brads Porsche Rebuild

BSR-Ben Sharpe Racing was entrusted with the task of rebuilding a stunning Porsche 911.1 Cup car in late 2022, before we had secured our own workspace. The project took place at the client's location, where we meticulously disassembled the vehicle. We removed the engine, gearbox, dampers, fuel tank, suspension, and brakes, sending all these components for refurbishment. Following these thorough refurbishments, we conducted a complete check and comprehensive rebuilding of the car.

Following this extensive overhaul, the car went on to achieve remarkable success in the 2023 Britcar Championship. Under the skilled hands of drivers Brad Thurston and Daryl Deleon, it not only clinched victory in its class but also secured the overall championship title. Our team assumed full control of the car's operations from Silverstone onwards, where we celebrated two wins and a commendable second-place finish in another event.

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