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BSR - Ben Sharpe Racing's Porsche 911.1 Cup Car Seals 2023 British Endurance Championship

In a thrilling weekend at Donington Park, BSR - Ben Sharpe Racing's prepared Porsche 911.1 Cup car emerged as the champions of the 2023 British Endurance Championship, both in the Overall and Class categories. The spectacular victory was underscored by a remarkable performance in the nail-biting 2-hour endurance race, where drivers Brad Thurston and Daryl Deleon showcased their skill and determination.

The weekend began with an air of anticipation, as racing enthusiasts gathered at Donington Park to witness the culmination of an intense season. Brad Thurston took the wheel of the potent Porsche 911.1 Cup car and immediately set the tone for the weekend. His exceptional start in the race quickly propelled the team into contention, and he skillfully navigated the early laps, keeping BSR - Ben Sharpe Racing in a strong position.

As the race progressed, it was clear that this was going to be a battle of endurance, skill, and strategy. The moment of truth arrived when Brad handed over the car to his co-driver, Daryl Deleon. Daryl took over in second place, and his mission was clear – to chase down the leaders and secure the championship.

Daryl Deleon did not disappoint. With determination and skill, he kept the pressure on the front-runners, pushing the BSR Porsche to its limits. Then, a pivotal moment in the race occurred, as the Cunningham Porsche 997 spun into the gravel, opening the door for Daryl to make his move. He seized the opportunity and executed a flawless overtake, taking the lead and putting the British Endurance Championship title within reach.

But the strategic masterclass came from Matt Cherrington, the team's strategist, whose pivotal call would determine the race's outcome. Recognizing the changing track conditions, he made the call for slick tires at precisely the right time. It was a high-stakes decision, but it paid off in spades. The timing of the tire change was impeccable, allowing the BSR - Ben Sharpe Racing team to maintain their lead while others struggled on wet tires.

With each passing lap, the crowd's excitement grew as they witnessed a masterful performance by the BSR - Ben Sharpe Racing team. The Porsche 911.1 Cup car, under Daryl's control and with the strategic guidance of Matt Cherrington, held onto the lead. As the checkered flag waved, their victory was sealed in style.

BSR - Ben Sharpe Racing's triumph in the 2023 British Endurance Championship was not just a testament to their exceptional machinery but also a celebration of their talent, teamwork, and astute strategy. The victory at Donington Park will be remembered as a remarkable achievement in the world of endurance racing, showcasing the remarkable synergy between the team, their talented drivers, and their strategic genius, Matt Cherrington. This victory sets a high standard for future championships and leaves fans eagerly awaiting what the BSR team will achieve next.

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