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BSR Unveils 4 Car Strong Lineup for 2024 Miltek Sport Civic Cup Season

BSR is thrilled to announce its formidable lineup for the upcoming 2024 Miltek Sport Civic Cup season. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for motorsport, BSR is set to make a significant impact on the racing circuit this year.

BSR will be fielding a total of four cars, alongside providing assistance to another, ensuring a powerful presence on the track. The team is gearing up for a challenging season ahead, with an array of talented drivers ready to showcase their skills and vie for the championship title.

"We are really excited about our driver lineup for 2024 and are hoping to take the fight to the front runners as we did in the early stages of 2023," said Ben CEO at BSR Racing.

Leading the charge is Harvey Caton, a seasoned driver who has already notched multiple podium finishes in the 2023 season while running under his own team. Caton's experience and proven track record make him a formidable contender as he sets his sights on championship glory.

Joining Caton is Will Redford, a race winner and multi-podium finisher in the 2023 season. Redford's talent behind the wheel is undeniable, and he is poised to mount a strong challenge for the championship, aiming to build upon his previous successes.

Nick Cristofaro, Is set to drive for the first two rounds in one of BSR's hire cars, is a rising star to watch out for. With each session, Cristofaro demonstrates remarkable progress and improvement, hinting at his potential to make a significant impact on the Civic Cup circuit.

Rounding out BSR's fully supported lineup is Spencer Stevenson, a former JCW Mini driver who impressed in his outings last season. Despite the last-minute decision to transition to the Civic Cup, Stevenson's skill and determination make him a compelling addition to the team.

In addition to its own lineup, BSR is proud to extend its support to Team Petters as they make the transition from JCW Minis to the Civic Cup for the 2024 season. Providing invaluable data and coaching assistance, BSR is dedicated to ensuring Team Petters' success as they embark on this new chapter in their racing journey.

"We are incredibly excited about our lineup for the 2024 Miltek Sport Civic Cup season," said Ben, CEO at BSR Racing. "With a mix of seasoned veterans and promising newcomers, we believe we have assembled a team capable of competing at the highest level. We look forward to showcasing our talent and determination on the track and making our mark in the Civic Cup."

Stay tuned for an action-packed season as BSR Racing takes on the competition in the 2024 Miltek Sport Civic Cup!

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