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Civic Cup Round 4: Weekend review

Weekend Review: Knockhill Civic Cup Racing

The weekend at Knockhill Civic Cup brought a mix of excitement and challenges for the team, with both drivers, Daniel MacDonald and Jack, giving it their all on the track.

Testing proved to be fruitful for localish Scottish ace Daniel MacDonald, who had two fantastic days of testing. He finally found his comfort zone in the car and unlocked the pace that the team knew he had in him. This promising start set the stage for a competitive weekend ahead.

On the other hand, Jack's participation was limited to Friday due to work commitments. Despite having only 40 minutes of running before qualifying on an unfamiliar track, Jack showed great maturity and determination. Despite feeling unwell, he defied the odds to secure an impressive 2nd place on the grid, marking his best qualifying performance of the season. Meanwhile, Daniel MacDonald was on a mega lap during qualifying, but an unfortunate mistake in the final corner cost him dearly, resulting in him starting the race from 11th place.

Race 1 began with Jack settling into 3rd place at the start. He was then promoted to 2nd when the race leader span off the track. It seemed like he had a chance to challenge for the victory when, unfortunately, the car's performance started to decline over the next two laps. Jack experienced power loss, and it turned out to be caused by a complete failure of the catalytic converter, which also blocked the exhaust system. This forced him to retire from the race, turning what could have been a certain podium into a highly frustrating debut for the new car.

Despite the setback, Daniel MacDonald showcased his fighting spirit in Race 1, muscling his way up to 7th place with some great battles on the track. However, luck wasn't entirely on his side, and just a lap from the finish, he missed a gear, causing him to drop back to 9th position.

Race 2 promised an exciting battle, with Daniel starting from 2nd place and Jack from 23rd on the grid. Daniel had a slightly steady start, dropping back to 5th position on the opening lap. Nevertheless, he engaged in a thrilling battle with Morgan Bailey and Ryan Bensley, with positions changing hands multiple times on the final laps. Daniel managed to hold on to 5th place and was later promoted to 4th after a post-race track limits penalty was applied to a car ahead. Jack, determined as ever, made swift progress through the field, climbing up to 15th position early on and continuing to pick off opponents until he reached 10th place.

Moving on to Race 3, Jack started in 6th position and was running strongly in the same position. However, misfortune struck as he ran wide over the gravel, resulting in a wire in the engine loom breaking and causing a misfire. This proved to be a massive disappointment for Jack, especially considering his weakened physical condition.

Meanwhile, Daniel began the race from 10th position and quickly made progress, picking his way up to 8th place. However, the gap to the next pack ahead proved to be too substantial, preventing him from catching up to them.

Overall, the weekend at Knockhill Civic Cup was filled with highs and lows for both drivers. Daniel MacDonald demonstrated his pace and resilience throughout the races, securing strong finishes despite some challenges. On the other hand, Jack's weekend was marked by ups and downs, with impressive performances and unfortunate technical issues hindering his progress. Despite the setbacks, both drivers showcased their skills and determination, leaving room for optimism in future races. With continued efforts and better luck, the team can look forward to even better results in upcoming events.

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